- Henry Vincent Keogh -

At Hearings conducted by the Medical Board of South Australia in 2004 and the Medical Professional Conduct Tribunal in 2009, Dr Colin Manock, former Chief Forensic Pathologist for South Australia and "Expert" witness at the Keogh trials in 1995, retracted key areas of his testimony; a testimony which principally convicted Henry Keogh of murdering his fiancée, Anna-Jane Cheney, by wilfully drowning her in her bath.

Listed below are the relevant non-disclosures, the procedural irregularities and the non-probative, misleading evidence which plagued the Keogh trials; acts, which according to decisions of the High Court of Australia, constitute every reason for the Full Court of the Supreme Court of South Australia to set aside Henry Keogh's conviction and enter a verdict of acquittal. Together, these acts are a compelling indictment on South Australia's criminal justice system.

And added to the stepping stones, which paved the way to one of Australia's most grievous miscarriages of justice, are the inexcusable breaches of time honoured forensic examination protocols; any of which - if carried out - had the overwhelming potential to determine the cause of this sudden unexplained death in an outwardly 'fit and healthy' 29-year-old woman.

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Reasons to Set Aside and Acquit

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